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A picture of the dining area inside Ryu Izakaya


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"We are the explorers who dared to go beyond. The dreamers who didn’t stop at just dreaming.
We are artists who infused our sense of adventure, imagination, and passion into every piece of meat, slice of fish, and grain of rice. We are Ryu Izakaya."

"Our ethos has always been and always will be 『最高品質』『最大の献身』『有言実行』,
which translates to Unparalleled quality, relentless dedication, and perfect execution. Using this as a guideline, we composed a menu that took timeless classics and infused them with our sense of adventure, imagination, and passion."

What we look for:
・A commitment to service excellence
・A passion for food, people and building teams
・Excellent communication skills
・A work hard play hard attitude that always puts our guests first

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